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November 17, 2016     Hart Countys Newspaper News Herald
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November 17, 2016

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A4 November 17, 2016 THE HART COUNTY NEWS-HERALD Editorial & Opinions "Create an interactive environment that facilitates &bate among readers on issues concerning them," Jeff Jobe, 1998 "Because you have stood with us in the past; we commit to never allow pressures to stop us from standing for you today," Jeff Jobe, 2010 Views expressed on this page are those of the author alone and not necessarily endorsed by this newspaper. Staff Directory: Bstmn Sam Terry, Managing Editor 270-659-2146 office BWet Melissa Mudd, Editor 270-590-JOBE 270-526-4151 office Carol Hatcher 270-526-4151 Edmonson Melissa Mudd, Editor 270-590-JOBE Charlotte Stice, Manager 270-597-3115 office Ran Darca Jobe, Editor 270-786-2676 office Jerry Matera, Editor Emeritus 270-786-2676 office Ilmllle Shirley Mayrand, Editor 270-432-3291 office Jessica Obanion, Metcalfe and Monroe Sales 270-590-6628 cell Mnro0 Sam Terry, Managing Editor 270-487-8666 office 270-670-3588 cell CORPORATE CONTACTS: JOBE PUBLISHING, INC. JEFFREY S. JOBE, CEO/PUBLISHER 270-590-6625 CELL JESSICA OBANION ADVERTISING 270-590-6628 OFFICE LESIA LOGSDON CIRCULATION 270-786-2676 OFFICE MICHELLE ROWE INTERNET/WEBSITE 270-786-2676 OFFICE ANISSA MEREDITH PRINTING 270-786-2676 OFFICE ~U~ PRESS ASSOCIATION Published each Thursday. Advertising package includes total market penetration. USPS 236-200 Periodicals Postage Paid At Horse Cave, KY 42749 SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In Hart and adjoinincj counties $31.95 Both print and online THURSDAY PAID Elsewhere in Kentucky $40.95 Outside Kentucky $55.95 Advertising package delivered to all homes offering our company a total market penetration. CHANGE OF ADDRSS OR NEW PAYMENT TO: News-Herald, P.O. Box 340, Horse Cave, KY 42749 Send Form #3579 to P.O. Box 340, Horse Cave, KY 42749 i Ii i i I'm comfortable there isn't a bigger los- er this week in the world than the media. They admittedly tossed aside their attempts to offer balance to political candidates and turned on Donald J. Trump. They did ev- erything they could to demonize this man and it just wasn't right. I am accustomed to not agreeing with the New York Times, USA-Today, the Couri- er-Journal, the Lexington Herald and even the Glasgow Daily Times on political mat- ters and this is fine. JOBE FOR KENTUCKY with Jeff Jobe Most, if not all, of the above have taken an extremely politically correct approach been published and although the New York to news and even business but because we Times and their publisher is doing as much live in this wonderful country, differences damage control as possible by rededicat- of opinions can spur much debate and de- ing themselves to balanced coverage; the bate is good for a better understanding. As damage has been done. Those who knew a matter of fact, they h/ ve caused to better or for that matter should have known question my own positions a time or two. better can accept some responsibility for It was just a few years ago at this time of the fear now felt by many younger, vulner- the year that I was smacked in the face with able or uninformed Americans. There is it. If you paid attention to the first holi- not a Red or Blue state in America that has day season for Democrat Governor Steve hate as the majority. Beshear you may have remembered that As a young man, I lived in New York and he had an evergreen tree, covered in lights, I can understand that for these large news- placed in the State Capitol and referred rooms they don't have day-to-day contact to it as a "Holiday Tree." It was around with everyday average Americans and that time a movement was going through- certainly not Kentuckians. I don't feel out larger cities where newspapers were threatened by them agreeing with Hillary not permitting advertisers to say "Merry because she too is out of touch with the Christmas" in their paid advertisements, general public. I am a big boy and although I don't agree What offended me most is that many in with allowing political correctness to man- my profession who should know better ig- datemy thoughts or what other publishers nored the statement and if our local news might allow or not allow. I was upset that outlets let it slide then some might believe our Governor would feel a need to go there, it is true. Yes, we have individuals, just That year for the first time we actual- as any community, who could be described ly promoted that in your Jobe hometown as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, newspaper we not only permit you to say or Islamophobic but they are indeed the it, we encourage it. We did so, not to be minority and not the majority as Clinton argumentative or controversial, we simply believed. understand the hearts of our communities I will end with this statement from my and know of no better way to say we love heart. As your community newspaper you and want what is best for us all. publisher I could very well be to the left Now, fast forward to the 2016 presidential of you on some issues, and possibly to the election and like I wrote last week it was no right on a few others. But where I am, surprise for me that the same newspapers without doubt, on the exact right balance not permitting you to say Merry Christmas is my love for you, your family, my daugh- would be endorsing Hillary Clinton. When ters, my son, Kentucky and the United Hillary Clinton was speaking at a fundrais- States of America. er hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual Jeff Jobe is founder and CEO of Jobe and Transgender (LGBT) community, she Publishing, lnc. His commentary reflects said it was her opinion that about half of his personal views and does not reflect Trump's supporters could be placed in the the views of personal or professional as- "basket of deplorables." sociations and affiliations. Reach him at What is most sad is that she did this be- Read his previously fore many of the above endorsements had published commentary at www.jobeforken- tucky, com Kentucky Chamber of Commerce By Dave Adkisson Kentucky Chamber President & CEO After months of campaign ads, debates and mudslinging, the 2016 election cycle is finally over. Not only did the outcome determine who the next president will be, it also made a significant shift in the makeup of the Kentucky House of Representatives. For the first time in 95 years, there will be more Republicans than Democrats in that chamber. Kentucky has often been referred to as a "purple" state because of its split party legislature. But now, with a Republi- can Governor and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, the Common- wealth is a definite shade of red. A new majority in the state House pres- ents an opportunity for success for many pro-business pieces of legislation that, even with broad support, have never been able to get enough traction to secure final passage. The Kentucky Chamber of Com- merce is hopeful that under the leadership of Representative Jeff Hoover and his col- leagues, Kentucky will finally be able to benefit from some commonsense, job-cre- ating policies that focus on economic growth. Right to Work. It's time to make Kentucky a right-to work state and allow employees to make a personal decision on whether to pay dues to a union. States with right-to- work laws report faster per capita income growth, faster growth in manufacturing and non-agricultural jobs, greater capital expenditures, lower unemployment and fewer work stoppages. As Kentucky has struggled to recruit and retain business, the See PROGRESS continued on page S i History was made Tuesday in both the Commonwealth and the nation. A polit- ical outsider won the Presidency and did so while ignor- ing conventional political wisdom regarding campaign tactics. More im- ByGOVERNOR portantly for the MATT BEVIN Commonwealth commonwealth, a of Kentucky seismic political shockwave was felt across our state. I re- ferred to it on election night as an historical roar of the people not dissimilar from that once referenced by Winston Churchill. By now you've likely heard the numbers. For the first time in ninety-five years, Kentucky Republicans have a majority in the House. This new reality, along with the unity we now share in the Senate and Governor's of- rice, will ensure that the roar of the people of Kentucky will be heeded. Now the political and statistical analysis will begin. I will leave that analysis to the pundits. However, I feel compelled to re- spond to a couple of narratives that I heard developing immediately after the election that clearly missthe mark. First, on the national level, I have already heard commentary that President-Elect Trump was merely swept into office by bitter, uneducated, and mostly white Amer- icans. This is a simplistic and ill-informed caricature and deserves to be rejected as such. i have travelled one hundred thousand miles around Kentucky during the last three years and spoken to thousands of people across the entire socio-economic and racial spectrum. I hear one resounding theme over and over again. People are concerned about the direction of the country. That concern is valid and based on the reality of what they see and experience in their own communi- ties. If our fellow Americans on the left at- tempt to explain away last night's election as merely a function of identity politics or xenophobia they have done themselves and See AMERICA continued on page 9 Well, the election is over and most are shocked by the vic- tory Donald Trump accomplished. Ken- tucky was no sur- prise. It has gone Republican in recent national elections. But, Clinton was By JERRY MATERA suppose to have had Editor Emeritus a lead in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, to name a few. It was thought that he had little chance to win the electoral votes in two or three of these states, which he needed to have a chance to win the office. But the pollsters were a bit off. However, to de- fend them somewhat, it was pointed out that a two or three point advantage in a poll means little when it comes to the actual voting numbers. And the two or three point lead meant nothing in these instances. Now the nation and the world waits to see what the President-Elect will do with the power he has been given. Our hope is that he will use it to unite a country divided by one of the most controversial campaigns waged in recent times. Will the Presi- dent-Elect moderate some of the claims he made in a heated campaign? Will he actually try to build a wall at our southern border and make Mexico pay for it? Or will he work with his party leaders and the Democrats to modernize our immigration policy and operation that needs fixing. I hope the latter is true. He must work with immigrants who are here illegally on a case by case basis to solve this problem. It will take time but it is worth it. Will he totally prohibit the entrance of all Muslims to this country as he claimed in the campaign or will he work with the Muslim community and Republican and Democrat leaders and review the vetting of those who request to enter this nation and improve it if necessary ? I hope the latter is true. Will he with the help of our country's lead- ers take a harder line with countries who want to trade with us to en are that we get the best deals possible and protect our workers in their industries? I hope so. We are optimistic in our hope that the new President will work with his party leaders and the Democrats to unite all people in this great country in which we live. Beliefs and viewpoints expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opin- ions, beliefs and viewpoints of Jobe Pub- lishing Inc.