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March 31, 2011     Hart Countys Newspaper News Herald
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March 31, 2011

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4 March 31,2011 Edit, c>rial&:([i)pinions" THE HART COUNTY NEWS-HERALD I Gossip site .hasno place in news "Our goal is to create an interactive environment that facilitates debate and encourages our readers to express their opinions on issues concerning them." -Jeffrey S. Jobe, Publisher -Jerry Matera, Editor EARTI.IQUAKE TSUNAMI A Visual Voice EDITOR'S COMMENTS Jerry Matero, Editor Hart County News-Herald Great people participation Last Thursday night, the City of Horse Cave sponsored the first of what I would call People Participation Sessions at.the Kentucky Repertory Theatre. Bobble Bry- ant and Tad Long of the Kentucky League of Cities conducted the session, which last- ed from 6:00 p.m. until almost 8:00 p.m. Approximately 65 people attended, and many participated in providing ideas for the needs of the city. I attended as a citizen of Horse Cave and was very impressed with the attendance and the way Ms. Bryant and Mr. Long conducted the session. Ms. Bryant asked questions that stimulated responses from the audience concerning their ideas for im- proving the quality of life in Horse Cave. Bonnieville has previously participated in this same type of activity with these same two people,and Ihave been impressed with the interest and actions stimulated in our northern neighbors. Good results can come about when a community of people get together and mare an effort to improve their circumstances. There were few negative comments that stood out in the responses to questions asked by facilitator Bryant. Instead, most were expressed as sincere opinions as to as- pects of the city that needed improvement. For example, a recreational board to create activities for all ages was suggested. The need for a new firehouse to accommodate all of the equipment used by our volunteer firefighters was mentioned more than once. Improving the'appearance of the city, par- ticularly the entrances, was another sugges- tion. And continuation of the StreetScape project, which has beautified our down- town, was urged. This included sugges- tions for Phase 3 of the project, which will upgrade our parking lot areas with signage, access and landscaping. Mayor Curry. and our City Council mem- bers are to be applauded for supporting a people participation effort which will un- doubtedly lead to improvements in our community. The next meeting is Tuesday, April 5, at the Horse Cave Baptist Church. All are urged to attend. Arrest made Sunday Horse Cave Officer Chuck Webb arrest- ed Ronald West, 34, Margaret Street, Horse Cave, on Sunday on charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and operating an ATV on a public roadway. West was lodged in the Hart County Jail. FAMOUS THOUGHT: "If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail" WINSTON CHURCHILL Politicians and public unions date, the union still uses dues paid by that individual to support them. When a business negoti- ates with a union, members of the union must face the reality that a company has a limited amount of finanoes. That financial limit will limit the amount of pay and benefits a union can de- mand from a business. In public sector unions, the pay and benefits for workers comes from tax- payers. Those benefits and pay increases are today dramatically affecting the budgets of state and local governments. There certainly is a need to protect workers, espe- cially when some employ- ers take advantage of them. One of thefirst demands made by unions when they began was for safer work- ing , conditions. That is something we certainly can all agree is necessary. Should we allow politi- cians to make promises to public sector union mem- bers to gain votes which taxpayers cannotsustain? We must answer that ques- tion when dealing with overwhelmed and over- blov)n government budgets. Jason Abston Dear Editor, During every election cycle, candidates spend un- believable amounts of mon- ey to win political office. One ;gffategy Usedby some candidates to gain votes is to promises increases in public sector union pay and benefits. In my opinion, this is simply vote buying using tax dollars. This strategy has been- very successful for politi- ciaias within the Democratic Party. Unions, both public and private, overwhelm- ingly support democratic candidates. If an individual member of a union does not support aparticular candi- Does anyone care that they are stealing from us? zens allowed elected offi- cials to rape and pillagethe treasury, now everyone wants to point fingers. Folks, they (the ruling class politicians) have sto- len it all and now are trying to steal it from each other. Xou no longer really matter. Watch inflation and taxes skyrocket.They need money to satisfy their lustful spend- ing and you have it. I agree if the magistrates are not doing and docu- menting 100 hours of work monthlythey should do the honest thing and not take thebenefits. But whether they do or not isn't going to stop the economic catastro- phe we are facing. The school, board chair- man told me, concerning the borrowing to build an- other school, that he was not worried about how to pay it back he just wanted it. That is exactlywhy we are in this quicksand of economic fail- ure. That attitude is perva- sive throughout the ruling class politicians backed by the parasites waitingto make a fortune off government money, and there are plenty of them. Charles Costello Dear Editor, After digesting, Jeff Jobe's article concerning the ruling class politicians. I wonder to myself if any- one really cares. Politics is a corrupting enterprise and politicians promise every- thing to everyone without one pang of conscience. Until recently politicians have run rampanton the budgets of everygovern- ment entity from the library board to the White House. As long aseveryone was getting a piece (or hope of a piece) of the action there was no problem. The citi- THE WEEK OF APRIL 5TH AII JPI Newspapers and Magazines Nll be available online. FREE ACCESS for 30 daysl o i lplnews Your online source for Ial news, sports and community events Horse Cave, ICY 42749 READER SURVEY: Do you have an opinion or even care that part-time elected officials pay themselves full-time benefits and retirements!? D Email your thoughts to: or mail to: Reader Survey: p.o. Box 340, torse Cave, KY 42749 TELEPHONE 786-1929 OR 786.2676- GERALD MATERA, Editor 10be IdlgllN- IEFFIIIY i lOBE, Publisher , POSTMASTER Send change of address to Hews-Herald, p.O. Box 3411, Horse {ave, KY 42749 Send Form #3579 In P.O. Box 340, Horse Cove, KY 42749 (USPS 236-200) PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY and SUNDAY Periodicals Postage Paid Horse Cave,  42749 Jeff Jobe JPI community publisher Not long ago I was amazed to- read a reference to a gossip site in the local daily newspaper. I'm not sure what the story was but it ac- tually quoted someone from the site called Topix. This site is one of those coward- ly places where unnamed unethi- cal types can go and bash those of us who step out to try to ac- Complish something in life or just unlucky enough to have a wacko ex-girlfriend. I had all but forgot about the site and the comment until I as- signed two of my more thorough reporters to quantify the Glosgow Daily Times reports written about the new police chief Guy J. Tur- cotte. i We found some possible over- laps of time that is not consistent with his resume but without a doubt nothing to warrant a news indictment against anyone's char- acter such as seen this week in the Times. That is unless one would rely on the gossip site as a source to fuel the investigation. Surely, they did not do this again. Both JPI reporters responded to me say- ing the only negative comments came from markets in which he had filed for political office on this same site. It seems ChiefTurcotte has test- ed the political waters a couple times and like myself may have picked up a political enemy or two. I make this statement be- cause each link we found had to do with discussions associated with his candidacy. I have written before that 1 honestly believe the Lord puts obstacle in our way to learn from them and they make u s stronger. I remember a few similar lessons learned right here in Glasgow by the same frierds Turcotte is mak- ing at the Glasgow Daily Times. The editor with full knowledge of the publisher emailed Out a questionnaire for all candidates in the senate race and amazingly mine never arrived. Instead of calling, or mention- ing to me, stopping by any one of our 6 Iocatibns in the area or leav- ing a message with one of the 45 employees at JPI; they chose to run without me and opined some- thing like, "Senate Candidate Jeff Jobe chose not to participate. This wouldn't have been bad if the incident had happened any other time but the Sunday before the primary. I have no doubt these men knew exactly what they were doing; I proved to them not only did I not get the intended email but the one they sent was reject- ed by the server and sent back to them indicating it vas undeliver- able. They knew it. I cautioned the new'ly appoint- ed editor not because of a threat of any kind but in a manner to of- fer constructive advice, I said to him, "Our credibility as newspa- per people today is questioned and this is an example of why it is warranted, please stop doing this to our profession and the commu- nities we serve:' Anyone who knows local polb tics and reads the paper knows who the chosen one was in that particular senate race and I would guess most everyone knows who their police chief candidate is; I know I surely do. I have no idea whether or not ChiefTurcotte will be an asset to the Glasgow POlice department; but I do know without a doubt for some reason the candidates the GDT seem to promote are not good for our community. I am thankful I carried your support back then and today I am thankful Mayor Rhonda Trautman, Freddie Norris, city attorney Ben Rogers and retired KSP Trooper Tommy Pendleton were wise enough not to go with their candidate this time as well. Together we grow!