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January 20, 2011     Hart Countys Newspaper News Herald
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January 20, 2011

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4 January 20, 2011 THE HART COUNTY NEWS-HERALD I F,ditorial, 00)pinions "Our goal is to create an interactive environment that facilitates debate and encourages our readers to express their opinions on issues concerning them." -Jerry Matera, Editor -Jeffrey S. Jobe, Publisher A Visual Voice EDITOR'S COMMENTS Jerry Matera, Editor Hart County News-Herald Miracles and Sainthood Sainthood and miracles made the news this week following the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI set May 1 as the date for the beatification of Pope John Paul II, the last pope. The process of giving someone the title of saint is lpng and interesting. Prior to beatification, a person must be approved as a candidate for sainthood. Typically, admirers of th e person appeal to a bishop who declares the person a candidate for sainthood. Once the person is approved as a candidate, a person is appointed to re- view the candidate's life. He or she inter- views those who knew the candidate and collects personal testimonies, letters and writings of the person. A position paper is then prepared and if the evidence proves a life of "heroic virtue" the person is given the title "venerable" by the Pope. .Beatification is the title given to the can- didate if it can be proven that a miracle oc- curred after the death of the candidate and resulted from someone praying to that per- son for help. What is considered a miracle in the Cath- olic Church? Miracles are almost always miraculous cures. These are the easiest for the church to verify. With Pope John Paul II, the recovery of a' French nun from Par- kinson's disease was the miracle attributed to him. The patient must be confirmed with the illness, there has to be no known cure for the ailment, and prayers are directed to the Venerable. The cure must be spontane- ous, instantaneous, complete and lasting. Doctors must find no natural explanation. To finalize a canonization, it must be established that a second miracle oc- curred. (Martyrs are the exception. The Pope can reduce a martyr's miracle require- ment to one or waive it altogether.) Normally, the steps to beatification are begun only after the subject has been dead for five years. Pope Benedict XVI waived this requirement in this case. The beatification of Pope John paul II is the fastest on record, coming just six years after his death. Prior to this beatification, the fastest on record was for Mother Teresa in 2003. The title of saint declares thatth4 person lived a holy life, is in heaven, and is to be honored by the universal Church. READER'S COMMENTS 82nd Airborne returns from Afghanistan Editor, The 82nd Airborne Divi- sion has returned from Af- ghanistan after completing their missions over a two year period. This division has been America's No. 1 fighting division since WWII, also highly deco- rated. We don take care of our wounded warriors that re- turn from the combat ar- eas. We have 100 chapters across America and 34,000 active members. Our chap- ters hold regular meetings, picnics, dinner-dance, mini-reunions, an Annual National Convention, Color Guards and sponsor school programs about WWlI for their history classes. Our membership has vet- erans from the llth, 13th, 17th, 82nd, 101st, and to- day's Special Forces. We are 35% non-82nd. There are over 100,000 veterans eligible for membership in the USA. Combat is not a requirement, only the Wings they earned through hard work and dedication. National activities in- clude Winter Weekend, Feb. 24-26, Hilton Head, SC; Kentucky All-Airborne Days, Feb. 25-26, Bowling Green, Kentucky; 65th An- nual Convention, Aug. 10- 14, Reno, NV. For complete details on events, and membership write to Airbome 2011, 5459 Northcutt Pl., Dayton, OH 45414, email srgabn@, phone 937- 8985977. Respectfully submitted, S_R, Gossett National Membership Chairman One of the most enlight- ening activities this time of year is to do your next sea- son's deer scouting. Most seasons have just closed and since you still have to remove some tree stands, take some time to find out where the deer have been traveling. There are sev- eral reasons that make this a perfect time of the year. First of all, you don't have to be concerned about spooking anything. Sec- ondly, the deer are still in their winter pattern. And thirdly, the absence of the leaves will allow you to see a larger area. When I have done this, it seems that I always find a new and bet- ter place to hunt next year and I get a picture of their thought processes under the present circumstances. For instance, this year there have been an abundance of acorns, so I know the deer have not had to travel very far to eat. And even though the same trees may not produce acorns in another year of abundance, it gives me a really good idea as to where they are likely to bed when the food is plentiful again. It just gives me an- other chapter in the ongo- ing being-a-better-hunter, journ/il. Speaking of journaling, let m6 recommend it to you. My life changed dramati- cally a few years ago. I left a secure position with eigh- teen years of employment to begin a new pursuit- one of which I knew God was leading me in. I also knew it would be difficult and I would constantly need to know and understand how God would move generally and specifically. For the general information, the Bi- ble would be my source of instruction and inspiration. I knew there were plenty of promises in the Bible that were not just written for a specific individual or peo- ple, but for everyone. These would serve me well on a daily basis. For the specific ways that God would speak to me and/or move in my life, I would need to write these down. These became my permanent markers and reminders for the times when I thought God would not come through when I needed Him the most. Each time this happened, I was not only able to claim His general promises, but I was able to go back through my journal, to the time and place that He performed a miraculous work in my own life. If you are entering a new period of your life or if you are getting ready to under- go a time that will'call for great faith; begin a journal. Write your thoughts - all of them, both good and bad. Write down what GOd is telling you and the times your faith seems so small. You will begin to see a pat- tern of the presence and work of GOd in your life that along with the Scrip- tures will give you strength you never imagined you could have. And they will give you the guaranteed as- surance that God will never leave you or fail to provide in your neediest hour. Gary Miller gary @ (USPS 236-200} PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY and SUNDAY Periodicals Poslage Paid Horse Cave, I(Y 42749 1EJBMIIE Rgi-gln II 7M-LIi- MIll Ilmll Ed I I-Jlt JOBL Pdi POSTMASIER Seal change of address Io News-Herald, P.O. Box 340, Horse Cave, ICY 42749 Send Form 13579 to P.O. Box 340, Horse Cave, I(Y 42749 integrity and loyal Jeff Jobe JPI community publisher =integrity" is a word that is widely used--and widely misunderstood. If you were to ask theaverage person for a definition of integrity you'd probably hear a lot of hemming and hawing. The origin of the word makes its meaning very clear. "Integri- ty" comes from the Latin ad- jective integer, which means "whole" or =complete." Not much of a math whiz but I seem to remember one of the children studying the word integra and it meaning a whole number. A person of integrity is honest and upright. His soul is not divided or compart- mentalized. This is the word I use to describe my friend Larry S. Craig. He was loyal to his be- , liefs, his family and friends. I have no intention of at- tempting to describe Larry as anything more than a man who simply did his best. His best is something I know could seen each week in the Butler County newspaper. Only those who are hon- est and sincere in their char- acter can stand the heat of a thorough examination of their lives. As the Bible tells us, " He who walks with in- tegrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will become known" (Prov. 10:9, NKJV). People of integrity don't abandon their values 'and principles under pressure. They know thattimes of ad- versity and temptation are precisely when values and principles matter most. Good men make mistakes but they regroupto keep promises. They fulfill obligations. They maintain their honor even when it is costly to do so. Your integrity is the most profound expression of who you are. Integrity is the ul- timate expression of your relationship with yourself, of a vow that you maketo yourself about the kind of person you choose to be. If you compromise your integ- rity, you may get away with it for a while, but no one gets away with it forever. People who lack integrity are even- tually exposed. To be a person of integrity in this business, you must stand for truth and consis- tency at all timeseven when you are under fire, in extreme temptation, in times of loneliness and solitude, and great need, suffering and want. If your integrity is something you can put on and take off like a suit of clothes, it's not integrity at all. It's just a disguise to hide the person you really are. "'Integrity' is the word for our times," says James Dobson,founder of Focus on the Family. "It means keep- ing our promises, doing what we said we would do, choos- ing to be accountable, and taking as our motto semper fidelis--the promise to be al- ways faithful." My most memorable ex- ample of integrity I can share about my friend Larry being loyal to me and the newspa- per comes from him being furious to find I had been assaulted in a Ioca! grocery market while my babies were asleep in car seats 10 ft. away. He said, "1 remember the loneliness of being attacked for my work and feeling alone, I am sorry for you, Jeff." The next morning Larry was rin the office early for a change. He shared with me that he had been work- ing on an idea. He said he had found that a competitor was naming the man who assaulted me, "Man of the year." I asked Larry what we should do and he said. "Let's INTEGRITY w continued on page 5